Small Groups

SMALL GROUPS at Greenleaf are designed to be smaller gatherings within the larger church family who meet weekly for forming friendships, Bible-based discussion, worship, and prayer. Greenleaf small groups encourage new friendships that foster spiritual growth toward Jesus and empower people to love our local community and the wide world. They are a central part of Greenleaf’s mission to Honor God, Love the Community, and Live Like Family.

SMALL GROUPS form for 12 week trimesters each in the Fall and Winter/Spring. Sign-ups begin in mid to late-August for our Fall trimester and in the new year for our Winter-Spring trimester.

SUMMER CONNECTIONS: For many Summer is a change of routine, a time of travel, and a reduction of normalcy of schedule. For others, it is their “high season” with additional challenges. In either case, connections with other Greenleafers are key. This Summer, Greenleaf Small Groups is offering Summer Connectionsan opportunity for Greenleafers to connect during the Summer through worship, discussion, and prayer. Learn more and sign-up at!