In these unprecedented times, as we engage in social distancing for the healthy and safety of ourselves and all those around us, we are faced with a unique challenge to the health of churches.

At its' core, Jesus' church is not a building, it's not an organization, it's not a club--it's a body. And a body needs to remain connected. This lack of relational connection is the biggest threat to our church right now, even at the very moment that we need it the most. The simple "rubbing shoulders," catching up on life on Sundays, hands-on prayer ministry, and more, might just be the biggest felt loss.

With our Sunday services cancelled for an indefinite amount of time, how are we going to nurture relationships without our face-to-face, weekly rhythm? That's the itch we aim to scratch!


In order to foster regular, ongoing connection and relationship, Greenleaf is leveraging the power of Slack.

Slack is a connection hub that helps you and your church family communicate seamlessly. It's an easy, on-demand tool to help you connect with those you miss not seeing on Sundays.

Greenleaf's Slack Workspace is organized into five "channels" that you can think of as ongoing conversations. We invite you to engage as often as you want on as many channels as you want.

Short, 1-2 minute meditations* meant to spark your connection with God and others. Join the conversation!

Opportunities, ideas, and stories about meeting needs in the communities we live in and love.

Share prayer requests and celebrate answered prayers. Give a "thumbs" up to indicate that you prayed.
Just a channel for being silly humans. Because seriousness is not a fruit of the Spirit.

Helpful links for maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health in these challenging times.

*On Sundays...
A short video sermon will take the place of the Daily Spark. You can also catch those on our YouTube channel and on our Podcast.