What’s Your Next Step?

Whether it’s your first time at Greenleaf or your hundred-and-first time, everyone has a next step to take. Faith is journey, after all–one foot in front of the other! Below are some common next steps we’d suggest for people, no matter where you fall on the faith spectrum.

Chow down. Lunch seems like a pretty obvious place to begin building relationships! There are usually various groups going out to enjoy lunch together Sundays after church. You're invited!
Be baptized. Every first Sunday after church we have a Baptism Class. It's a discussion-based look into why we do baptism, what it means, and who should be baptized. Bring a lunch and join us!
Become a member. Every third Sunday after church is a Membership Class. Hear about the history of the Vineyard, our values, Greenleaf's vision, and what it means to be an intentional family member.
Open your Passport. For those newer to faith, Passport is an excellent primer on the basics of Christian beliefs and practices. And best of all, we'll hook you up with a coach to walk with you through the book!
Get in a Circle. Relationships are the context in which we follow Jesus and find our way in the world. Join with us as we gather in homes around town for fellowship, prayer, discussion, worship, and fun!
Join a ministry team! We have a place for everyone to get involved. This is your chance to build deeper relationships as you serve side-by-side with others, as well as to partner with Jesus in his Kingdom.