Kids & Students

Greenleaf Kids

are growing into active participants in our family of faith and are dedicated to joining God in the renewal of all things. At Greenleaf we’re passionate about how kids experience worship. The 90 minutes we have with your kids is our opportunity to share God’s love with them and invite them into the greatest story of all time! God’s renewal story.

During COVID-19

we are continuing to nurture the spiritual formation of Greenleaf Kids & Youth by providing families with Vineyard-friendly, accessible, and engaging online resources. In addition to these resources for you to use at home, we encouarage parents (along wit their kids!) to join the Greenleaf communication hub on Slack, especially the "#kids-connection channel.
Awesome online curriculum designed especially for parents to disciple their children during this challenging season when gathering regular Kids Church just isn't possible.
Connect with other parents on Slack via the #kids-connection channel. Kids can take photos of stuff they're working on and send each other messages there, too!

When kids classes are meeting as usual, getting to where you want to go is as easy as “ONE, TWO, THREE”.

Step 1:
Register Your Child

Registration forms can be found on the kids hall. Look for the “New Families” board. Grab a clipboard, fill out a registration form, and bring it with you to your child’s classroom.

Step 2:
Follow the Stripe

Our classrooms open at 9:45. Sign your child in and come back at 11:30.
The GREEN room is for babies 5 month through 4 yrs. The YELLOW room is from 4 yrs old preschool through First Grade. The PURPLE room is Second Grade through Sixth Grade.

Step 3:
Meet Your Teacher

When you get to your room, your teacher and teacher’s assistant will be ready for you. They will meet you at the door and help you get ready for the morning. Parents, don’t worry about your children. We’re thrilled to have them, and we take great care!