Kids & Students

Greenleaf Kids

are growing into active participants in our family of faith and are dedicated to joining God in the renewal of all things. At Greenleaf we’re passionate about how kids experience worship. The 90 minutes we have with your kids is our opportunity to share God’s love with them and invite them into the greatest story of all time! God’s renewal story.

On Sundays

we engage them in hearing, playing, praying, singing, and talking about how they can participate in God’s big plan. Yes, we learn individual Bible stories--always with the big picture of how individual stories of the Bible and kids’ unique lives fit into God’s mission to save and heal our world.

Nursery & Preschool

We have a paid professional and a trained teacher in class each week who delight in teaching our littlest ones about God’s story through sensory play and Bible circle-time. They learn they are made by God, loved by their faith community, and that there’s a big story for them yet to discover.



Kids experience a story from the Bible through playing it, praying it, hearing it, singing it, and crafting their way through God’s larger story over the course of the year. They learn that individual Bible lessons fit into a great story that is becoming more clear each week.

Elementary & Tweens

Starting in 2nd grade, our kids experience main worship for the first 25 minutes. After main worship, it’s off to “their space” for a kid-paced lesson: they do skits, object lessons, Bible discussions, and prayer in small groups all to help them internalize the good news that Jesus is inviting them to become part of the story too.

We’re delighted you’re here! Getting to where you want to go is as easy as “ONE, TWO, THREE”.

Step 1:
Register Your Child

Registration forms can be found on the kids hall. Look for the “New Families” board. Grab a clipboard, fill out a registration form, and bring it with you to your child’s classroom.

Step 2:
Follow the Stripe

Our classrooms open at 9:45. Sign your child in and come back at 11:30.
The GREEN room is for babies 5 month through 4 yrs. The YELLOW room is from 4 yrs old preschool through First Grade. The PURPLE room is Second Grade through Sixth Grade.

Step 3:
Meet Your Teacher

When you get to your room, your teacher and teacher’s assistant will be ready for you. They will meet you at the door and help you get ready for the morning. Parents, don’t worry about your children. We’re thrilled to have them, and we take great care!