Worship & the Arts

We love art and music, and we believe that God does as well. The Creator has made us creative beings, and He has given us our own creativity to foster and use for the pleasure of humanity and the worship of God.

We want to foster an atmosphere of creativity and artistic expression. While much of the art associated with Christians today is at best mediocre, in centuries past the Church was the patron of many of the greatest artists and composers. We hope that one day the same can be said of Greenleaf through our active support of local artists and innovative artistic expression as worship.

One of the ways in which you’ll see this in action at Greenleaf is with our eclectic blend of musicians amongst our three teams that lead on Sunday mornings. We have folks who play guitar, cajon, mandolin, cello, bass, violin, keys, etc.  If we can play it (or learn to play it) we will!  Our God is a creative God, so we want to worship him as creatively as possible. Also, if you start feeling like, “Hey, I don’t really know this song…” it may be because it’s an original song that was birthed in our Songwriters Circle.  “Sing a new song” as the Psalms say!