Community Soul Care

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Lonely? Tired? Longing for connection with spiritual people? Join our month-long online group for spiritual mindfulness and refreshment. Click for more info and log in for soul care!

The purpose of this group is to provide much needed face time with each other while caring for our souls through spiritual direction. This group is Christian-led, but you do not need to be of the Christian faith to participate. To benefit, we hope you are open to spiritual things.

What is spiritual direction? It’s an ancient practice many religions observe to help identify the movements of God in a person’s life while they explore life, spirituality, and prayer through conversation.

If you are in a season of loss, transition, are hungry for something more from God, or feel like old spiritual pathways aren’t working for you anymore, consider joining us! Maybe you are just curious and looking for some time with your community, that is OK too! Come, let us care for your soul. We promise not to put you on the spot.

CLICK HERE to learn more or to sign up.