New Year Rhythms

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A new year is an opportunity to start fresh. Many of us take the opportunity of a new year to set new goals, engage in healthier habits, or tweak our lives in some way. At Greenleaf, we’ve also got some new goals, healthier habits, and tweaks to how we live life together.

So, our Sunday Services rhythms will be shifting a little bit again as we lean into those practices that we see the Lord blessing. If you’ve been worshiping with us for the past few months, you know that we’ve been experimenting with different service formats and practices as new ways of encountering God’s presence. Hands down, the most fruitful and popular off these have been our Contemplative Services. So as we head into 2020, the majority of our services will be our standard Worship / Preaching / Communion, with our Contemplative Services now on the 4th Sunday of every month. Don’t miss this much-needed opportunity to slow down, quiet down, and tune into the Holy Spirit!