December Brunch

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As part of our spiritual rhythms as a local church family, we’ve set the occasional fifth Sundays aside as a special time to enjoy a potluck brunch together¬†as our worship experience.

“How’s that?” you ask. “Can eating a meal really count as worship?”

Great question. Here’s the short answer: HECK YEAH!

Consider: In Matthew 25 Jesus likens the end of all things to a banquet. A divine dinner party celebrating the celestial wedding of Jesus with his bride (the Church), the reuniting of heaven and earth, that all things are made new, that death has been conquered, and that all peoples have been welcomed into God’s glorious kingdom. Because, after all, when something that tremendous takes place, what do you do…

…YOU THROW A PARTY! And like any great party, there will be plenty of food at the Great Banquet.

So, YES, there can be something sacred about sharing a meal together in the presence of Jesus. The table is wide, and everyone is welcome!