September Brunch

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As part of our spiritual rhythms as a local church family, we’ve set the occasional fifth Sundays aside as a special time to enjoy a potluck brunch together as our worship experience.

“How’s that?” you ask. “Can eating a meal really count as worship?”

Great question. Here’s the short answer: HECK YEAH!

Consider: The tax collector Levi, (later named Matthew), immediately after giving up his business to follow Jesus, invited all his friends over to a dinner party so they could meet his new boss (Luke 5). Jesus later was invited to another dinner party with a bunch of overly-pious religious elite… and then annoyed the hosts by letting a prostitute follow him inside (Luke7).  After a long day of listening to Jesus teach, rather than sending them all home for dinner, Jesus orchestrated an impromptu picnic for a few thousand people (Luke 9). Out of a whole crowd of onlookers, Jesus spotted an outcast named Zacchaeus watching him from a tree and then invited himself over for dinner at the man’s house (Luke 19). The night he was betrayed, Jesus celebrated the traditional Jewish Passover Meal with his disciples (Luke 22). After he was resurrected, Jesus ate some fish to just prove he was actually bodily alive again (Luke 24).

…and that’s just a few from Luke’s Gospel!

In several other places (for example Matthew 25) Jesus likens the end of all things to a banquet.

So, YES, there can be something sacred about sharing a meal together in the presence of Jesus. The table is wide, and everyone is welcome!

And this is not just any old brunch–it’s a no waste potluck brunch! Yep, that’s right. We’re not only taking the opportunity to fellowship with one another, but to also care for God’s creation that he’s entrusted to us.

If you’d like to read more about the heart behind all this, check this out.

Here are some simple ways you can join in this Sunday:
1. Prepare a brunchy food item to share.
2. Bring your own reusable plates and utensils to use at brunch. (We’ll have extras if needed.)
3. Compost & recycle during the brunch. (Special receptacles will be near the coffee bar.)
4. Come with extra reusable containers so you can take home some left-overs.
5. Bonus points: Bring cloth napkins and reusable cups!

Everything will get rolling at the usual church time: Show up at 10:00 to help set up, get some coffee, and fellowship. Then around 10:30 we’ll begin with a brief mediation and Communion together.