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We’ve got some fun in store for the summer! We believe that it’s critically important that people stay connected to each other, Jesus, and Greenleaf during the rhythm of the summer months. So instead of our usual weekly Circle meetings, we are going to have monthly men’s and women’s groups. Some will be more relationally focused, some will be more spiritually focused–all will be FUN focused! The women will kick off their summer group with dinner at Alley Twenty Six in downtown Durham. The men will kick off their summer group with a paintball outing. Stay tuned to this post and social media for specific days and times.


Summer Women’s Group: ALLEY TWENTY SIX

May 15th, 6-9pm

You’re invited to join us for the first gathering of the women’s summer group! We will meet at Alley Twenty Six in downtown Durham for an evening of food and fellowship. Please RSVP by May 10.

Summer Men’s Group: PAINTBALL

May 18th, 1-4pm

Don’t miss out on a chance to bond with (and blast away!) other Greenleaf guys. All skill levels are welcome. We’ll play paintball at Xtreme Kombat from 1-4pm and then go out for dinner and drinks from 4-6pm. Get this groupon which will cover your mask, air, and gun rental for the day. You may want to budget $20 more for extra paint. Contact Jan Hannig with any questions.


June 18th, 7:30-9:30pm @ Greenleaf

There are a lot of competing views of gender roles in our culture. Join other Greenleaf guys for a lively and friendly discussion of what it might or might not mean to be a spiritual man. We’ll also take some time to just check in on life and to pray for one another. Contact Jan Hannig for more info.

Summer Women’s Group: BUDGETING BASICS

June 25th, 7:00-9:00pm @ Greenleaf

Join other Greenleaf ladies as we learn to build and adjust a personalized budget:

  • Track expenses, gather records, organize your tracking system, and enter your data
  • Distinguish between needs and wants
  • Identify what makes a budget successful
  • Name some budget busters to avoid

Contact Terri Gengler for more info.

Summer Men’s Group: MOVIE NIGHT

July 16th, 7:30-9:30pm @ Greenleaf

Join us for a classic “guy” movie and some grilled meat. Bring your own meat. If you’d like to suggest a movie, let Alain know (

Stay tuned to this post for more upcoming events.