Group Spiritual Direction

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Ever heard the words “spiritual direction” and wondered what that is?

This summer we’re exploring the idea through a spiritual direction group. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading!

What is Spiritual Direction? It’s a prayerful conversation, a format where a person meets with their director and that person guides a conversation between a directee and God. Spiritual directors are facilitators helping to highlight and identify the movements of God in a person’s life. Different from mentors or therapists, they do not diagnose problems like a therapist would or offer advice as a mentor might, instead they journey with someone through their own questions and uncertainty. particularly when one is in a season of loss, transition, or their old spiritual pathways aren’t working for them anymore. Group Spiritual Direction is a new realm of group type that we’ve never tried at Greenleaf before, and this summer we’re offering a pilot group! A group of six committed people will meet six times, beginning on May 14th. Each person will have 1-2 opportunities to receive the focus of the group’s direction. The other five people will offer direction following a group spiritual direction model, which will be taught to the group during the sessions. It will be a “beginner level” group for people to learn to give and receive direction throughout the summer. We want everyone who’s interested to be a part, but space is VERY limited, so do not delay! Email Angela Otero today.