Barrier Breaking Faith

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What’s holding you back? From the fulfilling life you dream about? From the best that God has for you?

Maybe you’ve hit a wall in your marriage.
Maybe a significant friendship seems to have gone cold.
Maybe your career has stalled out.
Maybe your health is deteriorating.
Maybe some life-long dream feels like one failed attempt after another.

Sometimes we can name the barrier; sometimes we just have this nagging feeling of being stuck.

This November at Greenleaf we’re doing a message series called BARRIER BREAKING FAITH. In this series we’ll be looking at how faith in Jesus might be just what we need to break through whatever barriers we might be up against in our lives. Faith isn’t some sort of how-to, DIY-fix-it program. Faith doesn’t necessarily solve all our problems. Faith doesn’t give us super-human powers. Rather, it connects in personal relationship to God who has all the barrier-breaking power we need.

Here are previous and, as they go live, quick links to our messages:
11/4 – Something Out Of Nothing
11/11 – Vehicles Of Deliverance
11/18 – Sacrifice As Resurrection
11/25 – Tearing Down Walls

Come join us as we ask God to break through our barriers!