• Children & Youth

    Welcome to Kids Church! Greenleaf Kids are the best loved kids in Chapel Hill and Carrboro! We mean it! Come for a visit and you’ll see why.

  • Small Groups

    Small groups are designed to be smaller families within the larger church family that meet weekly for deeper friendships, Bible-based discussion, worship, and prayer. Through Greenleaf Small Groups we hope to encourage new relationships with each other that foster spiritual growth and empower people to love and serve our community.

  • Get Involved

    As we love to say in the Vineyard, “Everyone gets to play!” We believe church is not so much about going as it is about being–that each person has a part to play that blesses and strengthens all the other parts. Come on and get your hands dirty!

  • Sermon Podcast

    We all have to work. That’s life. But rather than living for the weekend, what if we lived for the work week? Turns out, God’s desire is for us to find deep joy and satisfaction in our labor. TGIM!